Hello, World!

Who am I?

Hello, there! Since you are here, you probably know me already. If you don’t know me, I am Anindya Chakravarti, final year Computer Science Undergrad at IIT Roorkee. I love playing around with gadgets hanging out with friends and sleeping. I code sometimes, listen to music all the time.

I am interested in working with Python, Javascript, PHP and want to get my hands on Ruby sometime soon. Under core Computer Science, I think I would want to explore the areas of Network Security, Machine Learning and i also am curious about how human brain works. Other than this, I am a football fanatic, Cule and a Messi fan. I also play the game sometimes.

What to expect?

The blog is finally up after procrastinating for about 2 years, so, for starters, I will try to keep writing something or the other(No! I will not write stuff just to update the blog). Mostly, I would be writing about things I learn, things I love, things I hate, football and will sometimes try and review gadgets I get my hands on.

This blog is using jekyll and the awesome template is pixyll. If you would like to contact me, simply say hello.